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Friday, 24 December 2010

A Guide to Christmas Drinking

Alcohol has 7 calories per gramm, just under the calorific falue of fat (9calories per gramm).

It is very important to understand how it is consumed by our bodies and how can we reduce it's effects and still enjoy Christmas foods and drinks.

When alcohol is consumed, it is metabolised and absorbed by your body faster than carbs, fat or protein. A small amount of the alcohol consumed is converted into fat. The rest is converted by the liver into a substance called acetate, which is released into the bloodstream and is used as the body’s primary source of fuel and energy.  Therefore drinking any type of alcoholic beverage slows down the fat burning process and encourages the body to store any food calories consumed.

Unlike other food or beverage options, alcoholic beverages provide pure calories with no other nutritional benefits.  They can also reduce your resolve to lose weight and make more likely to snack on fattening, high calorie foods.

Diet Tips to help you enjoy your Christmas Party without any regrets:

Diet Tip No 1: Set your limit: Decide how many drinks you will have before going to the party and stick to your decision, switching to water and soft drinks.

Diet Tip No 2: Dilute it: Order low calorie alcoholic drinks like vodka and club soda, rum and diet coke, jin and diet tonic or go for wine spritzer.

Diet Tip No 3: Alternate: Alternate alcohol with water. This will help you keep your alcohol intake lower and also will keep you hydrated. Alcohol has dehydrating effect so it is very important to drink water.

Diet Tip No 4: Avoid high calorie alcoholic drinks : Port, dark beers, eggnogg, Margarita have up to 500 calories per portion! 

Alcohol Guide
Wine Calories

Calories Carbs
Cabernet Sauvignon (red) 90 2.5
Merlot (red) 95 2.5
Chianti (red) 100 2.5
Chardonnay (white) 90 1.1
Sauvignon Blanc (white) 80 1.1
Port (Ruby) 185 up to 10

Beer Calories:
Size: Calories
Stella Artois 330 145
Heineken 330 135
Crown Larger 330 132
Becks pint 204
Carling pint 187
Carlsberg Export pint 227
Carlsberg Larger pint 182
Fosters pint 193
Heiniken pint 227
Holsten pint 222

Spirits/Cocktails and mixed drinks
Gin & Tonic 200
Vodka Cranberry 220
Bloody Mary 180
Margarita Up to 500

National Slimming & Cosmetic Clinics wish you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
We hope that our food management tips and ideas will help you to have a wonderful time, enjoy your food and drinks with no guilt!

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